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Delmarva Financial Group

Al Cassinelli
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Beau Breeden
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Our Products and Services

Delmarva Financial Group (DFG) was formed by Al Cassinelli & Beau Breeden on January 10th, 2003. Al & Beau were left American Express Financial Advisors, looking towards a more independent practice to better serve their clients, by providing more services, access to wider array of investment opportunity and not hampered by the corporate sturcture and sales quota requirements common place in the industry at more traditional broker dealers.

They moved to Linsco/ Private Ledger at that time, later known as LPL Financial and remained with the largest independent broker dealer until October of 2013. During this 10 year period they went from a two person firm growing into a second office location and had Stephanie Walpole and Jenna Van Dyke, join the firm in 2009 and 2011 respectively, as Client Service Associates. This allowed DFG to continue to offer a high level of client service while growing. In October 2013, yet again they set off to find more independence in an industry that was quickly changing.

As the economy, markets and regulatory industry continue to be in a constant state of change, DFG found a group of partnership firms to offer a wider vareity of services, providing flexibility, additional techological efficiencies and cost savings in the business for clients and the firm. Our primary partners today include Securities America as our Broker Dealer, Arbor Point Advisors as our Registered Investment Advisor and TD Ameritrade Institutional as our primary custodian.

In our approach to Total Wealth Management, DFG follows a four-step approach toward helping you meet your financial needs. We begin with discovery, where we discuss your current situation and what you have accomplished thus far. With this information, we move on to planning where we decide where you would like to be in the short-term as well as long-term financial goals. Based on this information, we figure out what solutions are best suited to meet your needs. Once these solutions are in place, we continue to monitor and adjust to suit your changing situation.

DFG also specializes in serving small to medium sized businesses in the retirement plan market, whether it be 401k Services, SEP or SIMPLE IRA’s. Our clients range from start-ups to those with more than $10 million in assets and 100’s of employees. Our focus is on service, participant education, and minimizing costs and fees associated with the company’s retirement plan. We also aid clients when they are ready to retire to create an income stream from those assets.


- Comprehensive Financial Planning

- Managed asset plans
- Corporate 401(k), Retirement Plan & Investment Management
- Retirement Asset Distribution Strategies
- Tax Planning
- College Planning
- Long Term Health Care

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