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Financial Planning Process

Delmarva Financial Group uses a total wealth management approach. It follows a four-step comprehensive process with the goal to help you meet your financial needs and goals.

The financial advisors at Delmarva begin with listening and getting to know you through a discovery phase. The focus is to discuss your current situation and what you have accomplished thus far.

From those first, importing meeting(s) Delmarva Financial Group moves to the planning phase. During this time, the items you discussed are factored into short-term as well as long-term financial goals.

Because the financial advisors at Delmarva Financial Group run an independent financial services practice, they can provide custom-tailored financial solutions best suited to meet your needs and goals discussed during the discovery phase.

The final step within the process is monitoring. This phase does not bring an end to services Delmarva Financial Group provides but allows clients the freedom to live their lives knowing they have a structured plan in place and that it will be monitored and reviewed regularly.

If you are looking for a financial company that can provide one-on-one, custom-tailored financial plans with the flexibility of products, services and recommendations then contact Delmarva Financial Group. 

A Network of Support

A Network of Support

To provide our clients with the most comprehensive service, we partner with some of the industry's best financial service firms and sponsor companies.

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